Orchesta Strings Size Chart

In order to decide what size instrument to select, you will need to measure the players arm length. Your comfort with the instrument is very important. The student needs to be able to reach the necessary hand positions on the instrument.

To get the right size requires two people. Have the student hold their arm fully extended straight out to the side and palm facing up. Then use a yardstick, tape measure, or measuring tape and measure from the neck to the creases in the middle of the palm. The correct size instrument will allow the student to wrap their hand around the scroll or headstock of the instrument. Reaching too far means you need a larger instrument.

As long as your account is in good standing, Johnstonbaugh's is happy to "Size Up" the instrument on request. If you end up with an instrument that is not the right size, please feel free to Contact Us.

Please see the sizing chart below for a reference.

Arm Length (neck to palm of hand) Violin Size Viola Size Cello Size
17-1/8" - 18-3/8" 1/8 Violin 11" Viola 1/8 Cello
18-3/8" - 20-3/8" 1/4 Violin 12" Viola 1/4 Cello
20-3/8" - 22-1/4" 1/2 Violin 13" Viola 1/2 Cello
22-1/4" - 23-5/8" 3/4 Violin 14" Viola 3/4 Cello
23-5/8" and up 4/4 Violin 15.5" Viola 4/4 Cello