Repair Shop How-To Video Archive

Below you will find a list of helpful videos on a variety of topics:

How to Fix Sticky Trumpet Valves with Superslick Valve Oil

Frustrated with sticky valves on your trumpet? Jake Ishman walks us through the easy process of disassembling, cleaning, and oiling valves with SuperSlick Valve Oil

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How to Fix Slipping Pegs with Hidersine Hiderpaste

Pegs slipping on your Viola, Violin, Cello, or Bass? Scott walks us through the process of applying Hidersine Hiderpaste to tuning pegs. We do not recommend using Peg Drops on your instrument as they can cause the tuning pegs to seize completely or contribute to other problems.

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How to Tape Viola, Violin, Cello, or Bass for Young Students

Helping young musicians find the notes on their viola, violin, cello or bass? Scott Ellis, luthier at Johnstonbaugh's walks us through the process of tuning and applying tape in the right places.

Trumpet Transformation with music by The Brass Roots

Mike Visnick, Repair Technician at Johnstonbaugh's Music Centers walks us through a trumpet transformation. Restoring a highly tarnished finish back to gleaming silver!

Music by The Brass Roots - A collection of Western Pennsylvania's finest brass musicians. Found out more at