Covid-19 Information

JMC is now open for sales, rentals, repairs, and in-person lessons on our normal hours.

For your safety and convenience, virtual lessons with qualified JMC instructors are available. Visit our lessons page to get started.

Proper cleaning of instruments for sale, rental, or incoming repair has always been a high priority at JMC. You can read more about our commitment to your safety on our Instruments Repairs page.

Current policies and more information:
Staff: While all staff may choose to continue wearing a mask, fully vaccinated staff may discontinue mask use at this time.
Private Instructors: Considering many students are not eligible for a Covid vaccine due to their age, private instructors should continue to mask for now.
Students: Unvaccinated students should continue wearing masks. Fully vaccinated students may discontinue wearing a mask.
Customers and all other visitors: Fully vaccinated customers and all other visitors may discontinue wearing a mask.

Message updated November 10, 2020