Custom Oboe Care Kit

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  • 2 Piece Swab: Made of silk to be moisture absorbent, long lasting, and washable. Both swabs are attached to a drawstring with a weighted end. The weighted end of the large swab is used to clean the lower joint and the small swab to clean the upper joint. Drop the weighted end of the string of the large swab through one end of the lower joint and pull slowly through the entire length. Repeat the same procedure with the small swab and the upper joint. For best results, pull through several times following practice or performance.
  • Duster Brush: The small double end brush should be used to clean the moving hinge joints where key rods are fitted to the posts on your oboe.
  • Cork Grease: Cork grease is supplied in tube form and should be applied lightly to the cork surfaces on the joint section. Apply only enough to keep cork surfaces lubricated to fit easily into the socket.
  • Thumb Cushion: To be placed over the metal thumb rest on the back side of the oboe to provide more comfort during the early months of playing.
  • Reed Guard: The tube-like plastic form will hold two reeds. Slide them in carefully to avoid tip damage. Helps wet reeds dry and provides good storage for new reeds. Alternating your reeds will help prolong their life and tone.


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