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Rental With Option To Purchase A New Instrument

This program provides a fully serviced, used, name-brand instrument outfit. Up to 36 payments on String and Wind Instruments, and up to 24 payments on Percussion Instruments may be applied as a discount credit on the purchase of a new instrument. All normal maintenance and repair are provided at no charge while the contract is active.

Instrument Group
Column 1
Column 2
Down Payment
(only for 4-month introductory offer)
Column 3
Standard Monthly Rate
Column 4
Group A Flute, Trumpet, Clarinet, Trombone,
Violin, Viola, Bell Kit, Snare Kit, Combo Kit
$25 $22
Group B Cello $65 $35
Group C Oboe, Alto Saxophone, Baritone $65 $40
Group D French Horn, Bass $94 $55

Johnstonbaugh's Music Centers Loyalty Points

As a rental customer at Johnstonbaugh's Music Centers you are eligible to start gaining loyalty points on all of your print music, accessories, and supplies purchases. For every $20.00 spent at Johnstonbaugh's, you accrue $1.00 in store credit, which you may use after spending $100.

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