Custom Clarinet Care Kit

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    • Polishing Cloth - Gently wipe the outside to preserve the instrument's finish.
    • Pull-through Swab - Drop weighted end through instrument bore starting at the bell and gently pull through. Use after playing to keep the bore clean and extend pad life.
    • Mouthpiece Brush - Using warm, soapy water, brush residue from the mouthpiece. Rinse with warm water and dry thoroughly.
    • Cork Grease - Apply to the tenon corks as needed so the instrument can be assembled and taken apart smoothly and easily.
    • Duster Brush - Use to remove the dust that collects around the keys.
    • Thumb Cushion - Place on the thumb rest to make your instrument more comfortable to hold. 
    • Reed Guard - Gently placing your reed in the reed guard after each use will help prevent splits and warping of the reed.
    • Mouthpiece Patch - Remove backing and attach adhesive side to mouthpiece for comfort.


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